Walk By Faith 
Adult Faith Formation

National Co-Ordinator
Jeanette Atabelo

PO Box 4353, Hamilton East
Hamilton 3247

07-856 6989 Ext 839

Walk By Faith, gives participants the opportunity to:

Have companions during their journey of faith; build friendships with people who are also serious about their faith. In some cases with older people whose life experiences offer us wisdom and deep understanding of faith in daily life.

Revisit their RCIA journey - piece by piece, moment by moment, experience by experience, to go deeper, to find God in the experience and learn more from it. The process of revisiting an encounter with God enriches and deepens one’s faith. It also helps the person develops a deeper appreciation of God at work his/her inmost being.

Share about their recent faith experiences with people are also in the process of reflecting on their own journey. A sharing done in a safe and non-threatening environment with the guidance of a capable tutor.

Meet fellow Catholics who are keen to grow deeper in the faith and to journey alongside with them.

The National Centre for Religious Studies is mandated by the NZ Bishops Conference to develop adult faith formation resources for all Catholics, Every adult Catholic is encouraged to set out on their own journey of faith and relationship with God, self, others and creation in a manner that is reflective, prayerful, personal, self-paced, and non-academic.
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